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The purpose of the Donor Oocyte (or “Egg”) Program is to enable infertility couples to become pregnant by implanting an embryo or embryos into a woman (the “Recipient”) who wishes to become pregnant but who is not able to do so because she cannot produce eggs. To implant embryos, it is necessary to retrieve unfertilized eggs from another woman (the “Donor”) who is willing to donate her eggs for this purpose. Using techniques that are common in┬áin vitro fertilization, the Physician will attempt to retrieve eggs from a donor, fertilize the eggs with sperm of the Recipient’s partner or with sperm from a sperm donor, and to transfer the resulting embryo(s) inside the womb of the Recipient.

The Physician may either accept a Donor for a Recipient who provides the Donor (a “known donor”), or the Physician may provide a Donor (an “anonymous donor”) for Recipients who are seeking a donor. To maximize the success of the program, anonymous Donors may offer eggs to more than one receiver, at the discretion of the Physician.

The testing and evaluation of the egg donor is related to the screening of a sperm donor. She will be between the ages of 18 and 36. She will report an adverse history for genetically transmissible (inherited) diseases, current infection, substance abuse (drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc.), malignancy (cancer), medication use, and prior chemotherapy or radiation therapy. In addition, she will be tested/screened for sexually transmitted diseases as relevant. Insofar as practicable, the Donor’s physical characteristics will be matched to yours. If the Donor is selected by you, you will assume responsibility to screen the Donor’s background as mentioned above and decide if they are acceptable to you.

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