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In this article, we will cover how to identify your cycle and make it work to your advantage. Once a woman is aware of her cycle, and the signs she must look for, Natural Family Planning (NFP) becomes much less complicated. For many interested in implementing...

Male infertility occurs in approximately one-third of all couples experiencing difficulty in getting pregnant. The diagnosis of male infertility is achieved through the male partner producing a semen sample. This.

Experience with GIFT has shown that couples with male factor infertility have a significantly lower success rate than couples experiencing other problems. This is believed to be caused because, in the GIFT procedure, there is no way to verify whether fertilization does, in fact, take place. This problem...
While AMH is an important test that gives me a lot of good information about a woman’s ovarian function, interpreting the results can be difficult and filled with nuance. I feel that patients should have a basic understanding of three things: What is AMH? Why is...
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